On a Personal Note…

I’ve recently resumed the use of my maiden name, Tulsi Gabbard. As you may know, my husband and I divorced a few years ago, shortly after I returned home from an 18-month long Iraq deployment with the Hawai'i Army National Guard. The deployment was very hard on my husband, and on our marriage. Sadly, Eddie and I became another statistic, another sad story, illustrating the stresses war places on military spouses and families. I had kept the Tamayo name in the hopes that we might still have a future together. However, recently I’ve come to fully realize that that’s not going to happen. Eddie and I are still friends, and I’m grateful the Tamayo family continues to welcome me as one of their own.

I will personally be paying for any costs incurred for reprinting City Council brochures, signs, business cards, etc. There will be no cost to the City or to Honolulu taxpayers. So if you get a letter or call from Tulsi Gabbard, or see me on the street, please say hello. It’s still me.

Tulsi Gabbard

Councilmember, District VI


  • Safety, Economic Development, Government Affairs

Vice Chair:

  • Budget


  • Executive Matters & Legal Affairs
  • Public Works & Sustainability
  • Parks & Cultural Affairs
  • Legislative Matters

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